10 Tips to Get More Fans on Social Media

Intro to get more fans on social media

You can use social media to promote your music, sell tickets, merch, and unlock career opportunities.  If you’re not convinced, read why you need social media, here.

In order to use social media to promote yourself and your music, you need engaged fans. To get more fans following you, follow these tips!

10 Tips to Get More Fans on Social Media
  • Be consistent with your posts! You want fans to know what they can expect from you and don’t want to disappoint them. Whether you decide to post once a day or once a week, be consistent. Also be consistent with what you’re actually posting. Make sure your posts match your overall brand and are appealing.
  • Always like and respond to your fans when they mention you or respond to you! Engaging with your fans is a sure-fire way to connect with your fans. You can encourage your fans to comment on your posts by asking questions and reaching out to them first.
  • Always lead your social media “fans” to a mailing list. Once someone is on your mailing list you have their email and can reach out to them with all of your news and updates. When someone is your fan on social media, you have to play by the platform’s rules. Social media can change their algorithm or completely shut down at any time. You want to protect yourself by getting your fans emails and having a newsletter. Therefore, you always want the link in your bio to link to your own website.
  • Post great content. Before you post something, think about if your fans would want to share it or not. If not, don’t post it.
  • Don’t offend your fans! We know, “now and days someone is always going to be mad,” but be smart about it! When you join TuneGO, music industry professionals are looking at your social media accounts! Drugs, cursing, extreme violence…are not going to impress them, sorry.
  • Treat each platform correctly. There are things that are great on one platform, but terrible on another. Look at what other people are posting and consider if it makes sense to post that on that platform.
  • Don’t talk about yourself or band too much. Yes, this is your artist account. Yes, you should talk about upcoming shows, new music, neat things about you as an artist. But that’s not all! A fan followed you to get to know you, not to get COME TO MY SHOW shoved down their throat every day! Share your personality with your fans! If you’re not sure what to post, check out these ideas.
  • Don’t say your music is “coming soon”. Your fans are waiting and waiting and waiting. Where’s your new stuff? Give them a date! Give them bits and pieces along the way! They get bored easily, and will find someone else to follow!
  • Ignore the haters and spam! Don’t engage. Delete spam comments.
  • Don’t be a robot! Don’t auto-post everything and post the same exact thing onto every social profile! That gets boring and doesn’t give people a reason to follow you in more than one place. Also, don’t leave the same comment on everyone’s post, it’s very obvious you’re just trying to grow your account.

Are you following these 10 tips? What social media platform do you want more tips on? Comment below!

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