10 Ways You Can Be a Better Bandmate

Why do you need to be a better bandmate?

Bands break up. It happens all the time. If you want a successful music career, you probably don’t want your band to break up. At least not right away. You also don’t want to deal with arguing all the time. Here are 10 things you can do to avoid the fighting and be a better bandmate.

1 – Communicate

If you don’t like how someone is acting in your band, you have to speak up. No one can read your mind.  The only way it’s going to get better is if you speak up about it.

2 – Be on Time

Nothing says “I don’t care” like showing up late to a show or practice. To be a better bandmate, you have to show up on time. On time should be with enough time for set up and soundcheck.

3 – Know The Schedule

If you’re going to be on time for rehearsals and shows, you need to know when they are. Keep a calendar on your phone or agenda of all of these events so you don’t miss them!

4 – Respond

Nothing’s worse than having a show, rehearsal, or interview and having no clue where one of your bandmates are. Be sure to respond to their messages in a timely manner and let them know if you’re running late.

5 – Be Involved

You want to be contributing to your band, and not just with your specific role (drummer, singer). You want to also help with something else. Maybe finding gigs, doing your band’s social media, ordering merch, running contests, or booking interviews. Make sure your band knows about your plans to help so you’re not stepping on anyone’s toes either. Divide up these jobs between your band. Some jobs you can all be involved in, such as setting up for shows.

6 – Be The Peacekeeper

Don’t start stuff. Instead be the one to mediate when fights start to form. Don’t take sides. Remember your goal is to keep your band together, not to be right.

7 – compromise

If you’re in a band, you’re not a solo act so you’re going to have to compromise. If you always have to get your way, you’re going to start getting really annoying to your bandmates. So compromise.

8 – Be Unified

No matter if you’re fighting with your band, no one needs to know. You want your fans to think you’re having a great time performing and look happy to be there. So put a smile on, don’t bring up any drama publicly, and make sure your band looks unified.

9 – Avoid Legal Issues

When you start a band, you’re all buddies and excited to start getting paid. But you need to think about the legal side of things while everything is good within your band. You want to have a contract with your band. What happens if one member wants to leave the band? Who owns what percentage of what songs? Who makes what percentage from shows, music sells, or merch sells? What happens when a show gets cancelled? These are all things you want to plan out and agree upon before anything goes south. Plus, it will avoid future arguments by agreeing on everything up front.

10 – be the best you

You bandmates picked you to be a part of their band for a reason, so show up as the best you possible. Have a positive attitude, act professional and responsible, practice on your own, and maintain your own gear. If you’re doing all the above and you’re being the best you, your bandmates will love you.


All 10 of these things add up to a great bandmate. What do you look for in a bandmate? Comment below!


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