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YouTube is a great opportunity for musicians to reach more fans. There are 1.57 Billion monthly active users on YouTube. That’s 1.57 Billion potential fans for you to reach!

First, you need to set your YouTube up for success. Check out these 15 things your YouTube channel is missing then read below for 15 YouTube video ideas.

1 – Music Videos

Music videos are the obvious choice. They can have a high or a low budget. If you’re a musician, you should have a few music videos.

2 – Interview

Your fans want to get to know you! If you’ve ever been interviewed on tv, your YouTube would be a great place to put it. If you’ve never been on tv, you can still have someone interview you so you can include it on your YouTube.

3 – Behind The Scenes

You can dedicate some videos to show behind the scenes of being a musician. This can include writing music, recording in the studio or at home, putting up posters, fixing gear, hanging at your favorite places, practicing, and being backstage.

4 – Narrative Music Video

Narrative music videos are still music videos, but they have a story that goes along with them. Check out some narrative music videos here.

5 – Live Performance

If you’re looking to book gigs, then a video of your live performances is a must have. Venues want to see what you’re like performing live. If you’re great, this will also get fans to show up to your shows!

6 – Promo

You can use promo videos to tell fans about an upcoming show, new merch, or new music.

7 – Fans

Encourage fans to record cover versions of your songs. Compile all the covers into a playlist on your YouTube channel.

You can also include videos of fan meet and greets and tell your fans to comment if they see themselves in the video.

8 – Interactive Videos

Create interactive videos.  Fans can choose their own adventures by having the option to link to/between various other related videos that build a story with multiple outcomes. This can be a fun way to get your fans more engaged and increase your video views. 

9 – Cover SOngs

Posting cover songs are a great idea because people are already searching YouTube for those songs. But, there’s a legal and illegal way to make cover song videos! Learn how to make to make song covers for YouTube legally here.

10 – Lyric Video

A lyric video is a video of your song that has the lyrics on the screen. This is great to have so your fans can play karaoke with your music and so your fans can memorize your lyrics so they can sing along at your shows.

11 – Bloopers

Compile your outtakes into a fun video for fans.

12 – Q&A

Encourage your fans to tweet your questions and answer them in Q&A videos. This will get your fans involved and help your fans get to know you more.

13 – Music Mixing

You can also include videos that show how you edit your music. Make these videos screen-flows and include your voice so you can explain what you’re doing each step of the way. Some of your fans may aspire to be like you so this will help them see how you create your music.

14 – Announcement

Use video to make announcements and not just promo announcements like we mentioned before. You can also make announcements about anything you or your band is up to! Maybe it’s your birthday or your biggest fan’s birthday, or maybe you won an award. This could be anything your fans may be interested in!

15 – Documentary

You can create a series documenting the process behind any of your projects. This could be going on tour, recording a new album, or creating new merch. Take fans through the full process via a video documentary.


We hope these video ideas give you some inspiration for your own  YouTube channel!

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  1. Vox says:

    I think we’ve done MOST of these, but there’s always an opportunity to update some of the ones that we’ve done before. Thanks for reminding that we may have “left gold up in there hills”! 🙂

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