5 Reasons You Need to Start a Musician Blog

Why You Should start a musician Blog

Here a the top 5 reasons you need to start a musician blog ASAP!

  • Reach new fans. Blogging is also a great way for people to find you on Google search.
  • Connect with your current fans. With a blog, you can let your fans get to know you better.
  • Establish yourself in the music industry. Having a website and having a blog, shows that you take your music career seriously. It also gives you a platform to voice your opinion and get your music to the music industry.
  • Grow your list. Every page on your website should have an opt-in to your newsletter, this includes your blog posts.
  • Sell more merchandise and tickets. Within your blog posts, you can mention your upcoming concert or your merchandise. Since the reader is already on your website, it would be easy for them to make a purchase.
Blogging Tips
  • Share your blog. When you blog, be sure to let your fans know. Let them know through social media and your newsletter.
  • Be consistent. If you decide to start a blog, you’ll want to keep consistent. Decide how often you want to blog and make sure it’s something you can keep up with. It’s a good idea to write a month or two ahead before you start posting. That way, if you get busy, you’ll still be able to keep consistent with your posts.
Blog Topic Ideas

So what should you blog about? Here are some ideas:

  • An organization or cause you support and care about.
  • Your hobbies and interests outside of music.
  • Music that you love (that isn’t your own).
  • Behind the scenes of shows or rehearsals.
  • New gear and instruments you’re using or trying out.
  • The making of your EP or album.
  • Your songwriting process.
  • Stories from your tour.
  • Preview an upcoming show.
  • Review a recent show.
  • Be sure to include photos throughout your posts. You can embed videos too.
  • You’ll also want to make sure there’s a plug-in on your blog to share your posts.
  • You could do a post on each band member.
  • You could shout out super fans.
  • Respond to an opinion article about you.
  • Interview a band that’s similar to you. (Hopefully they’ll return the favor!)

A blog is another way for your fans to get to know you better. It can also make fans feel like they’re a part of your music and success. This will all lead to them becoming bigger fans of yours. Have you had success blogging? Tell us about it in the comments!

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