Do Musicians Need Email Lists?


An email list is a free tool you can use to market your music and create more income as an artist. Let’s dig into why musicians need email lists.

What’s an Email List?

When you have an “email list” you collect the emails of your fans. You then put those emails into a CRM or a Customer Relationship Manager. From the CRM you can mass email your fans without breaking any laws.

Do Musicians Need Email Lists?

If you’re serious about your music career, you need an email list. Here are five reasons you need an email list.

  1. Make more sales. More people buy after receiving an email than they do on any other marketing platform. Having an email list will increase your music, ticket, and merch sales.
  2. Don’t lose your fans. You have no control over social media. These platforms can change their algorithm, start charging you to reach your followers, or just disappear. With an email list, you have full control.
  3. Stay top of mind for your fans. People leave other platforms and unplug from social media. Their feed could get too busy and they could unfollow you. With an email list, you can stay top of mind by always providing value everytime they see you in their inbox.
  4. Create super fans. Email marketing gives you the opportunity¬†to get more intimate with your fans. Many people check their email first thing in the morning and several times throughout the day. If they miss your¬†email, they’re likely to see it when they check it later on. If they miss your social media post, it’ll be long gone the next time they log in.
  5. Reach more of your fans. On social media, all of your followers won’t even see your post in their feed. With email marketing, it’ll be in the inbox of all of your email subscribers.
How Do I Get an Email List?

To get started with an email list, you’ll need somewhere to collect the emails and somewhere to email those people (a CRM). Bandcamp is an inexpensive way for musicians to collect emails and MailChimp is a great CRM to start with since your first 2000 email addresses are free.

How Do I Get People On My Email List?

You need to give people a good reason to join your email list. With Bandcamp, you can offer one of your songs in exchange for an email. You also want to make sure you tell all of your fans about your email list and don’t spam people. Ask your fans to join your email list on social media, at your shows, and at your merch booth. Once you have their email, be sure not to spam them and always provide values in your emails so they don’t unsubscribe from your list.

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