Follow the Money

There is a famous saying “Follow the Money”.  
In the investing world, “Follow the Money” means following where Big Investors invest their money to follow big trends and maximize your ROI gains. 
Answer – The music industry!    
Billionaire media tycoon Haim Saban is investing $500 Million into a new record label called Saban Music Group.  
Tencent is expected to invest up to $6.8 Billion to acquire 20% of Universal Music Group.  
Blackstone, the world’s largest private equity firm, recently invested $1 Billion to acquire music rights organization SESAC.
Len Blavatnik has invested over $200 million into streaming platform Deezer.  
Hong Kong’s richest man Billionaire Li Ka-shing is one of Spotify’s early investors.  
Answer – Music-tech is driving record growth that is powering the music industry to levels never imagined before… Levels never thought possible before the digital revolution!    
The three major record labels (Universal, Sony and Warner), who generate approximately $1 million per hour from digital streaming ($16,000+ per second), are today valued at nearly $90 Billion.  
Even with record profits and valuations, the industry is expected to grow at the fastest rate in history over the next ten years.  Music streaming revenue which is consistently growing at 30-40% per year, still only represents 47% of global music revenue.  Tremendous upside is still on the horizon!  
Goldman Sachs accurately declared the next 10 years the Golden Era of Music.  The once-in-a-lifetime digital revolution is expected to generate record growth and profits to the tune of $131 Billion per year.
The current state of the music industry is similar to the Great American Gold Rush.  This is why Big Tech is investing Billions into music acquiring music-tech companies in a race to capture market share ahead of the Golden Era of Music.  
And TuneGO as a Foundational platform for digital music, is the Levi Strauss of the Golden Era.  
Recent Music-Tech Acquisitions:SiriusXM acquires Pandora for $3.5 BillionApple acquires Beats Music for $3 BillionBytedance acquires Musically for $1 BillionPandora acquires Ticketfly for $450 MillionApple acquires Shazam for $400 MillionDowntown acquires CD Baby for $200 MillioneOne acquires Audio Network for $215 MillionSpotify acquires Echo Nest for $100 Million 
Answer – When you invest in TuneGO you’re investing in the future of the music industry.  
TuneGO owns 30+ patent claims on proprietary cloud-based technology designed specifically to protect digital content and music metadata.  The Company also has additional patents pending.  
Content and metadata make up the Foundation for a digital music economy.  The next wave and industry buzzword in music will be metadata.  Why?  Because metadata represents the “building blocks” for music rights, which define how music royalties are paid.  In other words, metadata determines how music revenue is collected and paid.    
Refer back to the Word-of-the-Day – METADATA for a more detailed synopsis.
Why is TuneGO such a foundational platform for music?  Because in today’s digital music world, artists, record labels, music publishers and licensing companies all need a secure solution to store their content and metadata.  And TuneGO owns 30+ patent claims specifically on this technology!  
How valuable and important is secure storage for content and metadata?   … Refer to the TuneGO Vault versus Universal Vault.  
Welcome to the future of the digital music economy powered by TuneGO!

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