Get Paid More from Music Streaming: Get More Music Streams


As we discussed in “Indie Artist Sales Are Up 33%, Are You Getting Your Cut?“, we want you to get more music streams. Here’s how to do it.

Do The Marketing Basics

Use social media to grow your fanbase and have a great profile on each platform. You can also use social media ads to bring more traffic to your songs.

Distribute Your Music

Get your music on as many streaming platforms as possible. You can do this with a distributor like TuneGO, CD Baby, or Tunecore.

Get Verified On Spotify and Social Media

Being verified on Spotify will help you be taken more seriously, plus every artist can be verified just by applying. Also, the more social platforms you’re verified on, the more seriously you will be taken as well. Learn how to get verified on social media and Spotify here.

Get Followers

The more followers you have on streaming platforms, the more plays you’re going to get. So use your social media, blog, website, and newsletter to have people follow you on streaming platforms.

Understand Which Playlists You Can Get On

Getting on a playlist is the number one way to get more streams.

The first thing you need to realize with playlists is that you can’t get onto all of them. Some of the big ones are owned by major labels…so good luck getting on them. Examples of major label owned playlists are Filtr (owned by Sony), Topsify (owned by Warner), and Digster (owned by Universal).

Some playlists are created by Spotify staff and some are created by random people. The playlists that are created by random people are the ones you have the best chance of getting on. Reach out to the curators of playlists that you would be a good fit for.

You can also create your own playlist and include yourself there.

Pay For Plays

You can also straight up pay for more plays. There are several ways this is done.

Major labels have a deal with Spotify for ad space. They also get homepage takeovers, which indie artist don’t have access to. Labels also pay for songs to be played on popular playlists that are free to listeners.

You can also pay to be on several playlists using some companies. Some companies that offer this include Upside Music, SubmitHub, Spotifly.

Start Small

If your song has no plays then you can’t get on the biggest playlist out there. You have to start somewhere. The more playlists you’re on, even if they’re small, the more playlists you’ll get on. So you want to get on as many playlists as possible even if they’re small.

Get On MUsic Blogs

Many playlist curators also write for music blogs. So being interviewed by them is a great way to get on their radar for their playlist.


Including these tips in your music release campaign will be sure to help you get more streams! Have you had success with music streaming? Comment below your best strategy to get more streams.

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