Google Yourself: Your Online Presence

Your Current Online Presence: Google Yourself!

If you don’t Google yourself, you won’t know what people see when they do! And trust me, they do! Think about the fans that want to know more about you. What about the venues that you want to perform at. Or the radio stations that you want your music played at! When someone searches for you or your band the results affect their perception of you. What comes up will determine how seriously they take your music. Here’s a guide of what to look for so you can impress anyone that happens to search you!

First things first, you have to Google yourself.

What comes up? First? Second? Third? Under Videos? Photos? What if you search your artist or band name on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram? Seems ridiculous you say?

Think about this, I’m a fan and I saw your band for the first time at a showcase.

I want to Tweet this picture I took of you performing. So I search your band name on Twitter to try to tag you, not so ridiculous now, huh? We’ll get into what the music industry is looking for in a bit, but first…

Dealing with Nothing

What if nothing comes up? I can’t find you so I don’t tag you in the photo. Also, I don’t know where to listen to you. I don’t know where I can buy your music. So what do I do? Forget about you.

You need to be online! You need to be on social media, you need your own website, and you need to get press!

Dealing with No Press

Now, do you have any press on you that pops up? If not, this may be the next goal you should work on! Having press done on you shows that you’re a legitimate artist that is moving forward in their career. No press makes you look like you’re “trying to make it” or you “just started” being a musician. Neither are great…

Dealing with Bad Press

What if something bad comes up? If you’re the admin on the account it’s on…delete it! Now! If you’re not, it depends…You can usually request the site to take it down and they typically will, if someone is bullying you. If it’s bad press, then you need to do all you can to bury it! What do I mean by that? Get good press! Make sure you’re flooding your social media and site so the bad press will quickly be forgotten! Don’t bring it up though, that’s just bringing it back up on the Google search too! You don’t want that.

Your Website

Does your website pop up? This is your hint that you need one and the domain should be your artist or band name! That domain name should match all of your social media names too! Make yourself easy to find!

Your Social Media

You want your social media to pop up as well! Your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram should all pop up! The more the better! This is why you want to use the same username across everything. Make sure what pops up represents you accurately. Remember you want people to think of you as an awesomely talented musician, not as a joke or a mess. Your TuneGO Profile should pop up too! Make sure you’ve completely filled it out and linked your social media accounts to it! 

Your TuneGO Profile

Industry decision-makers will choose one or two of the above sites to look at if they’re interested in you. But they will always look at your TuneGO Profile, so make sure it represents the best you and is complete!

What the Music Industry Wants to See

So what are the Music industry decision-makers looking for when they Google you?

A couple of things. If they don’t find anything when they try to find you, they’re going to assume you’re not serious about your music career. Then they will choose to work with someone else. Someone that better represents themselves and is more involved in their music career.

If they find you acting a hot mess, they won’t think that you’re very serious either. Hopefully, you have these two on lock. Next, they focus on what they’re really looking for. If you have fans.

How does the industry know if you have fans? You have a ton of followers that are always liking and commenting on your posts.

If you have no followers and no likes or comments then it looks like you have no fans. If you have a ton of fans and no likes or comments, it looks like you wasted your money on some fake followers. You need real engaged followers. You need fans!


Make sure your artist accounts are about your music!

Share your music and upcoming concerts. Involve your fans. Show us behind the scenes. Always respond to your fans!

Now go Google yourself! Good luck!

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