How to Actually Get Signed to a Label


“How do I get signed to a label?” is the number one question we get here at TUNEGO. And we don’t blame you. If you’ve ever seen MTV Cribs, with any musician, or any successful musician’s Instagram account, you must have thought “Wow, they’re signed to a label and have all of this. A label must be the key to my success.”

Here’s the truth. The more successful you are prior to a label. The more successful you will be with a label. Labels are businesses. They’re not “out to get you”, they’re out to make profits. If they sign you and you’re not successful, they’re not going to be successful. What’s 50% of $0? Right.

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Labels want the artists they sign to be successful so they can make profits. So how do you become one of those signed artists? Here are the three ways to actually get signed to a label.

Have Connections

Some people are born with a microphone in their hand. Meaning they have famous musicians in their family. They grow up with the best coaches and have a way into the labels through their connections. If you’re reading this you probably didn’t have that opportunity…so let’s move on.

Be a Successful Musician

If you already have fans and have already proved you can be successful with your music, then labels will want to sign you. Your success will get you noticed. But how do you become successful? We give a ton of tips for this on the TUNEGO Blog.

Get In Front of the Right People

Okay so you weren’t born into the right connections and you know you have the talent and drive to be successful, but you’re not there yet. Does this sound like you? What if I told you there was a place you could put your music that record labels use to discover new talent. And it’s not saturated like YouTube, SoundCloud, and Instagram. Oh, and it’s free. Are you interested?

This tool that labels use to discover new artists is our Exclusive Industry Portal. So how do you get your music in the portal? Easy. Just created a free artist account at and upload your music to your TUNEGO Profile. That’s it!

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