How to Get People to Listen to Your Music in 3 Steps


Do you catch yourself saying if someone would just listen to my music and give me a chance THEN I know I could make it in the music industry? Or if I could just get my song in the right hands I know I could turn my passion for music into a full-time career. If you’ve ever felt that way then these tips on how to get people to listen to your music are for you.

1 – Stop Sounding So Desperate

Being desperate isn’t attractive to anyone. Not a fan, not a music producer, not a music executive. If you’re desperate and saying things like “PLEASE LISTEN TO MY SONG” then you’re not going to come across as confident. No one wants to waste their time and if you’re not confident in your music, why should anyone waste their time listening to it? They won’t. Be confident in your music. Be humble but don’t beg anyone to listen to you.

2 – Have a Strategy

We see musicians posting links all the time to their music on random Instagram accounts or have PR agencies blast us with music asking us to promote it. We always respond with how musicians can use TuneGO to get their music heard (more on this in tip #3). And guess how many respond to us? About 1%. This tells us that these agencies and musicians aren’t really trying to put in the work it takes to take the musician to the next level. It takes work to create a successful musician. Blasting other successful people or random people your music won’t create success for you.

When you’re creating your strategy, be sure to keep in mind what your specific goals are for your music. Here are some of our past articles that will help you with your strategy:

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3 – Know Which Opinions Matter

This goes back to your strategy. You need to be strategic with who you’re trying to get to listen to your music. You want your music in front of people that can move your music career forward. There are three key people you should be trying to get your music in front of.

Potential Fans

You want to get your music in front of potential fans to build your fanbase. Of course, this is what will lead to more sells, streams, and bigger music deals for you. Use the articles above to help you with your strategy for this.

Music Fans

This is different than “Potential Fans” because here we want to see the potential success of your music. You can do this by getting the feedback from music fans on your music. This is the same system that record labels use to test which songs to put the most marketing money behind. You can get this feedback with a TuneGO Song Review.

Industry Decision Makers

These are the people that can take your song to the next level or give you the exact steps you need to take to actually break into the industry or give you the connection that will change your life forever. Spamming these peoples’ inboxes or Instagrams is just annoying and will be ignored for the most part.

So how do you get to them? You used to need a connection or need your song or video to miraculously go viral. That’s no longer the case. Here are three ways to get in front of the music industry decision makers.

  • Be Where the Industry Decision Makers are Looking. We created the TuneGO Portal to give Industry Decision Makers easy access to the best talent out there. By creating a free TuneGO artist account and completing your TuneGO profile with a few of your songs, you have the opportunity to be included in the TuneGO Portal.
  • Get Connected to the People You Want to Be Connected to. We wanted to create a way for talented musicians to move up in their music career as they increased their online presence, live performances, music sells and more. This is why we partnered with producers, music companies, labels and more to bring you the opportunities that are available on TuneGO. The opportunities that are available on TuneGO include a Virtual A&R Review, Radio Airplay, Sync Licensing, Producer Reviews, Executive A&R Reviews, and Music Label Intros. All of these opportunities are available to you for free with a TuneGO Artist Account. To check how close you are to unlocking each opportunity, just log in to your TuneGO Artist Account at and click “Dashboard“.
  • Get Connected Faster. We’re not going to lie, you’re going to need to work hard to unlock all of the opportunities on TuneGO. We can’t show musicians to our connections that aren’t ready yet or it would be a waste of everyone’s time. But we did want to create a fast route for artists that have the talent but just don’t know to market themselves. If this sounds like you, then you can fast track the opportunities by scoring a high Track Rating on a Diamond TuneGO Song Review. You’ll get the feedback from 200 fans on your songs, plus if you score a 10 Track Rating, you’ll automatically unlock EVERY opportunity on TuneGO. This includes a Virtual A&R Review, Radio Airplay, Sync Licensing, Producer Reviews, Executive A&R Reviews, and Music Label Intros. So if you think your music has what it takes, grab your Diamond TuneGO Song Review now.

If you don’t think your music is ready to be fast-tracked with a TuneGO Song Review, that’s okay. You can still unlock opportunities on TuneGO and start getting closer to your music career goals. So go create your strategy and set up your TuneGO Profile. And if you’re really ready to take your music career to the next level now, grab your Diamond TuneGO Song Review.

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