5 Ways to Instantly Look Better on Social Media for Musicians

intro 5 ways to instantly look better on social media

Once you decide which social accounts you’re going to use, follow these tips to instantly look better on social media. You can do these when setting up a new account or you can make these changes to an old account.

Your Bio

Have a great bio that tells fans who you are and shows your personality.

Create a Hashtag

You should turn your artist name or band name into a hashtag your fans can follow and use! Alternatively, you could use one of your song titles as a hashtag or the name of your fans as a hashtag. Include this hashtag in your bios and in social media posts.

Make yourself easy to find

Use the same username on every social platform you’re on. Ideally, it’s the same as your artist or band name and the same as your website domain. Also, make sure your artist accounts aren’t private! Your fans need to be able to find you.

Have Artist Accounts

Keep your artist and personal accounts separate! Your fans want some insight into your life but your account should still be clearly geared towards your music career. Also, untag yourself from any bad or inappropriate posts to keep your image consistent.

Be Consistent

Keep a consistent voice and image across every social media platform and in person. Have the same username on every platform. It might be a good idea to use the same profile picture and poster image on every social media platform too. This helps fans easily recognize your profile across the different platforms. To keep consistent with posting, consider scheduling your posts ahead of time with a tool like Hootsuite.

bonus tip – link your social profiles to your tunego account

When you link your social profiles to your TuneGO Account, you increase your TuneGO SCORE when you have activity on those platforms. Learn more here.


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