Make Money In Music: Everything Singers Need to Know to Get Paid


When you’re an unsigned artist or band, trying to make money in music might seem impossible. But, with some guidance (aka this guide) you’ll be well on your way to getting paid for your music!


Performing live seems like one of the most obvious ways to get paid as a musician, and it is! Depending on the venue, you may get a flat rate or a percentage of ticket sales. Therefore, concerts are always a great way for singers to earn money.

Tips: Concerts

Another way you can earn money from concerts is by getting tips from your fans. You can simply leave a tip jar near the stage or have it be passed around when you’re talking. Make sure it’s okay with the venue before your bust out the tip jar though!

Tips: Online

Another way to earn tips is online. Thanks to technology, fans can actually tip you online! To do this, you can set up a Venmo or Paypal. Then let fans know your link when you’re live or when you post on social media.

Sell Your Music

Of course, you can earn money from fans buying your music too. This could be from digital downloads, physical CD’s, or vinyls.

Sell Merchandise

Selling merchandise is another way to earn more income as an artist. You can sell your merchandise at your concerts and on your website. The merchandise you decide to sell is up to you, but most artists start with t-shirts and stickers.

Get Paid for Your YouTube Videos

YouTube’s Partner Program monetizes the videos uploaded to your YouTube Channel. You should also get your videos sync-licensed. Sync-licensing pays you ad share revenue for any video on YouTube that uses your music. CD Baby offers this service. You can then host a video contest to earn more money. Fans create music videos to your music and share them to YouTube.


Crowdfunding is a great way to not only raise the money you need for your next project. It’s also a way to grow your fan base! Fans love to be a part of the process and crowdfunding is a huge opportunity to involve them from the beginning! There are several different sites that you can use for crowdfunding, including Kickstarter and PledgeMusic. Patreon is another way for your fans to support your music career.

Publishing Royalties and Live Performance Royalties

Your Performing Rights Organization (PRO) collects royalties for you as well. This will include your royalties from public performances, mechanical royalties, and synchronization royalties.

Digital Royalties

SoundExchange collects royalties from digitally transmitted music.

Make Money In Music Conclusion

Now you’re ready to make money in music! Pick the tactics that best fit your personality and music career goals. You’ll be well on your way to making it in the music industry!

What have you done to make money as a musician? Comment below!


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