Maybe You Don’t Need More Followers

What Kind Of Advice Is That?

Hear us out…of course, more is always better. BUT, quality is always better than quantity. How many of your “followers” actually buy your music, your merch, and tickets to your shows? Right.

What If You Had 1,000 Real Fans?

What if you stopped caring about having a huge following and instead focused on having 1,000 real fans? 1,000 people that pulled out their credit card everytime you dropped a new single or made a new t-shirt. Let’s say those 1,000 spent $100 a piece on you per year. That’s $100,000 a year. Those 1,000 fans sound pretty good now, right?

How Do You Get 1,000 Real Fans?

To get real fans, you have to be real. Give value. Respond one on one to people. Show your values. Connect with people. Treat your real fans like your friends and they’ll help you make your music goals a reality. You also need to stand out in some way to them. So think about a way that you can make yourself special to those 1,000 fans.

Action Step

What are you going to do get 1,000 real fans? Comment below!

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