Performing Live: Everything You Need To Know


Performing live is one of the main ways for you to grow your fanbase! When you perform at an event or with other musicians, you should see it as an opportunity to reach potential fans. Use these tips to improve your live performance!

How to Improve Your Live Performance:
  • Don’t wear shorts on stage.
  • Don’t make statements with your clothes.
  • Practice in what you’re going to perform in to make sure there are no mishaps.
  • Practice and rehearse a lot!
  • Be professional when speaking to anyone who works for a venue you want to perform at. You want these people to take you and your music career seriously! Plus, you want them to invite you back!
Before the Show:
  • Create an event for your show on Facebook, and Craigslist. Create an event for your show on Eventbrite too, if your show is free. 
  • Share your show’s event onto your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Page and any other social media site you’re on.
  • Let everyone know that you will be going live at the show. Tell them to like you on Facebook (or where you’re going live at) for more behind the scenes exclusives.
  • Like, comment, and follow anyone that has tagged themselves where you are performing at. Do the same for anyone who or has used the event location’s hashtag. You’ll want to check out people on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter when doing this.
  • You can also like, comment, and follow fans of the other artists that are performing at the event.
During the Show:
  • Tease going live on all of your social media accounts. Tag yourself and hashtag the event location on all the social media platforms you can.
  • Go Live! Show behind the scenes, backstage, your performance, show the crowd, say hi!
  • Don’t show the crowd in your videos or photos if there’s hardly anyone there!
  • Live tweet about the event!
After the Show:
  • Respond to anyone that has commented on your social media posts regarding the show. 
  • Like, comment, and follow anyone that tagged themselves at the location during the event. Do the same if they used the event’s or venue’s hashtag.  
How to Book More Shows:
  • Print business cards. Include your artist/band name, contact information to book you, and your social media profiles. This way when someone asks for your information in person, you’re well prepared.
  • Find bands that are similar to yours in your area. See where they perform at and reach out to the same venues. Better yet, reach out to those musicians. Try to put together a concert with them.
  • Join Facebook and LinkedIn groups for local musicians.
  • Let everyone know that you’re booking shows. Post it on your social media, your website and in your newsletter. One of your friends could be looking for a band and you might not even know it!
  • Include reviews of your live performance on your website. People are more likely to book you if they trust that they can count on it being a great performance that’s worth their money. Prove that it will be by including these reviews on your website. You should share these reviews on social media as well, to help reach more people.
  • You can also show what people can expect by having at least one great video of you performing live. It can be a mash-up of several performances or one really great song. The point is to give people a taste of what they can expect.
  • Also, include on your website a list of songs that you can perform for live performances. This way, people can even more so know what to expect when they book you.
  • Be sure that your website and all of your social media profiles have your booking contact information on them. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to book you!
How to Sell More Tickets:
  • Figure out what is your most successful way (currently) of selling tickets and focus on that technique more.
  • Offer ticket bundles. For example, if tickets are $10 each, allow fans who purchase them online to get them at 2 tickets for $15, or 5 tickets for $30. You can also offer ticket and merchandise bundles. So purchasing your ticket early online could include a free digital download of one your songs, or you could offer a bundle with a ticket and a shirt at a discount.
  • Put all of your free shows on EventBrite. It’s free to add any free event (aka free promotion for you). Craigslist is another free option as well.
  • Spread out your shows. If you perform too often, your fans won’t have a reason to attend ALL of your shows. But if you rarely perform, fans might wonder what happened to you! Try to perform every 6-12 weeks.
  • Name your show and create a poster for it. You want to make it feel like an event that people can’t miss! Create a hashtag for it and use it in all of your promotions for the show.
Promote Your Shows on Social Media
  • Social Media is a great way to let more people know about your upcoming shows!
  • Create an event for it on your Facebook Page. That way, if anyone looks at either page, they will see your upcoming shows!
Facebook Event Tips
  • Before you create an event, make sure there isn’t an event already created.
  • If there is not one created already, create an event. But if there are other bands/artists performing, be sure to tag them in the event. This way they will invite people to your event, instead of creating their own event.
  • When you are inviting people, only invite people that could actually go. If they live halfway across the world, there’s no point in bugging them. Bug them when you’re releasing new music or merchandise! Or when you’re performing near them.
  • When Creating a Facebook Event for Your Band or as an Artist, Create the Event from Your Page, Not From Your Personal Profile.
  • When Creating a Facebook Event for Your Band or as an Artist, You Must Have an Event Photo. An image of you performing or of the venue is best.
  • Give Fans All the Info: Get Your Dates, Times, and Places Straight. Link to the Venue and Ticketing Site. Include Links to the other Bands’ Websites and Content.
  • Remember, RSVPs aren’t solid.
  • Make sure every band is promoting the same FB event.
  • Let your fans know about the event well enough in advance.
  • Send out the invites when people are most likely to be sitting at their computers.
  • Update your events regularly.
  • Facebook invites aren’t just limited to concerts. You can use them to launch crowd-funding campaigns and new music releases!
  • Pay to promote your most important events!

Offer fans incentives for purchasing tickets early to your shows by including a free song download with their ticket. Encourage your fans to share your music during your shows by asking them to post during the show and use a specific hashtag. You can also offer to take photos with your fans after you perform. Going live (on Facebook/Instagram/Periscope) backstage is another way to get your online fans more involved with you and your music. It could convince them to come out to your concert next time, or they could be close enough to the venue to still come out.

Performing Live Conclusion

A key way for you to gain fans and move up in your music career is performing live! Performing Live is also a great way to make money as a musician!

Do you currently perform live?

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