Pinterest for Musicians: 25 Tips You Need for Pinterest


Are you on Pinterest? You should be. Pinterest has 175 million monthly active users. Also, people go to Pinterest to look for things to buy. Don’t you want your stuff available there for them to buy? Keep reading for 25 tips on Pinterest for musicians.

  1. Celebrate your fans! People like to talk about themselves. And they love when you talk about them. (As long as it’s positive). So highlight your fans! Pin photos and videos of them with your merch, music, or at your shows.
  2. Go Behind the Scenes. Show your fans behind the scenes by dedicating a board to backstage, practices, and little bits of info about you or your band.
  3. Showcase a Song. Create a board for one of your songs to really promote it. You can include images with lyrics, things that inspired that song, and covers of that song. Be sure to include some pins selling the song as well!
  4. Live Performances. Showcase your concerts by creating a board just for live performances! Include videos and photos of performances, tickets, fans at the show, your merch booth, and backstage.
  5. Inspire. People love to be inspired! Dedicate a board to things that inspire your songs or in general!
  6. Have Pinterest Looking Photos. Images with a dimension of 2:3 and 1.3:5 look best on Pinterest. You can easily create images that fit this mold by using Canva.
  7. Text on Images. Having text on your images will make them stand out on Pinterest. It’ll also make it easy for people to see what your pin is about.
  8. Include Pinnable Images on Your Blog and Site. This will make it more likely other people will pin from your site and blog. You can include the “Pin It” button too.
  9. 150 to 300 Word Description. Include a description to give even more value to your pins.
  10. Your Board Descriptions. Make sure you include a board description to make it easy to understand what your board is about. Also, make sure to include a link to your website here as well.
  11. Call to Action. Include a call to action in all of your pins. Some examples of call to actions on Pinterest are: Repin, Learn More, Enter Our Contest,  and Buy Now.
  12. Include Prices. When you pin something that’s for sale, include the price in your description.
  13. Be Consistent. You want to aim to pin 5 times a day to get the best results on Pinterest.
  14. Use Place Pins. Use Place Pins when you want people to know your location. If you’re performing in a certain city, this would be a great way to reach more people in the area.
  15. Research. There’s no reason for you to re-invent the wheel…or Pinterest strategy. Look at what other musicians are doing on Pinterest. What’s working? What’s not? Use what you find on your own Pinterest strategy.
  16. Get Your Fans to Follow Your Boards. You can connect your Facebook and Twitter to see which of your fans are on Pinterest too. Since they already follow you on one platform, they’re likely to follow you back on Pinterest.
  17. What’s Trending? Check out the Popular tab on Pinterest to learn what’s doing well on Pinterest. You can implement what you find into your own Pinterest strategy.
  18. Secret Boards. You can use secret boards to collaborate with your band members on upcoming shows, music, and merchandise.
  19. Get a Business Page. When you switch your Personal Page on Pinterest to a Business Page, you get analytics.
  20. Use Your Analytics. Look at your analytics to know which pins are getting the most engagement, and which ones aren’t. You can use this information to determine what types of things to continue pinning and which to stop pinning.
  21. Engage. When someone comments on one of your pins, respond to them!
  22. Name Your Images. When you pin an image, make sure to name it strategically. This will help more people find it!
  23. Use Keywords in Your Board Titles. This will help more people discover them.
  24. Share Your Pins. Let your fans on other platforms know you’re on Pinterest. Share your pins on Twitter, Facebook, and your email list.
  25. Create a Blog Board. On your blog board, you can include a pin for each of your blog posts. This way it’s easy to find all of your blogs posts on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a great way to continue growing your fanbase! You can easily reuse previous posts you’ve made on other social platforms on Pinterest. This makes it less of a hassle than most social platforms.

Are you on Pinterest? Leave a comment on our Pinterest of your favorite tips about Pinterest for Musicians!


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