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what are recent visitors?

Recent visitors are people that have recently viewed your TuneGO Profile. You can click “view all” to view all of your recent visitors. Only you can see your recent visitors, fans and producers cannot.

where can I find my recent visitors?


You can view your recent visitors on, while logged into your artist account, on your profile. It’s on the bottom right side of your profile. For more detailed instructions on locating this, read below.


You cannot view your recent visitors on the TuneGO App. The TuneGO App is available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

step 1

Log into your artist account on a desktop computer on Click “Profile“.

step 2

You will see a drop-down menu. Click “My Activites“.

step 3

Scroll to the bottom of your profile. You will see your recent visitors in the bottom right corner of your profile. Your last eight visitors will be displayed. You can click “View All” to see all of your recent visitors.

step 4

From this page, you can see all of your recent visitors. You can sort your recent visitors by “All Visitors”, “Fans”, “My Fans”, “Artists”, and “Top Visitors”.

step 5

You can click the “+” to request a fan to follow you. If a fan has an orange checkmark, they are already following you.

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