Songwriter: You Need to Write Your Own Music


Are you a singer? If you are, you need to be a songwriter too! Being able to write your own songs is so important to your career! Why?

Represent Yourself

First, the music you’re writing will represent your thoughts and feelings. If your fans know that your lyrics are actually your feelings, they will connect with you on a whole different level. This leads fans to be more loyal in the long run. 

Be a Better Musician

Writing music makes you a better musician. It gives you a deeper understanding of music theory and develops your ear.

Be Creative

Songwriting makes you more creative!

Get More Opportunities

Being a singer-songwriter opens up more opportunities for you. You can co-write songs. It makes you more valuable to record labels.

Make More Money

Also, as a songwriter, you’ll receive a much larger chunk of your song’s royalties than as a singer alone!

With being a songwriter you need to protect your rights by having your music copyrighted. You need a PRO to collects your royalties! If you’re an artist you should also sign up for SoundExchange. It could pay off BIG TIME!

Have a Longer Lasting Career

Finally, the singers with the longest lasting careers are all songwriters. Songwriters have more skills so they’re open to more opportunities. Being a songwriter will give you a much longer lasting career.

Songwriter Conclusion

To recap, when you write your own music be sure to get it copyrighted (so you own it) and register with a Performing Rights Organization (PRO) (so you can collect your royalties).

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