21 SoundCloud Tips Every Musician Needs to Know

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These SoundCloud tips will help you make the most of your SoundCloud.

soundcloud set-up and profile
  • Link to your social media sites, website, and iTunes on your SoundCloud. If anything ever happens to SoundCloud, you want to be sure your fans on SoundCloud are following your elsewhere.
  • Include your bio and your contact email for your description. If a venue or label finds you, you want them to be able to contact you.
  • Don’t upload all of your songs! Pick 3-5 that your include on sites like SoundCloud (and TuneGO). You want people to still have a reason to buy your music.
  • Label all of your songs and format their titles like this: Artist Name – Track Title (Mix Type). Also, include the song’s genre on the label.
  • If you have a paid account, make use of the “spotlight tab”. This allows you to select up to 5 tracks that you can showcase at the top of your profile in any order you like.
Gain Followers/Plays: Activity On SoundCloud
    • Interact with others while logged into your artist account.
    • Don’t spam and be annoying.
    • Reply to all comments. Regularly update your profile and respond to comments.
    • Join groups to share your music with people you know already like that type of music. Share your tracks with those groups. Participate in those groups, you can’t just share your tracks and do nothing else.
    • Collaborate with another artist/band to get more exposure. Either re-do a more popular band’s song and hope they share your version or get featured on a more popular band’s track or vice-versa.
    • Put your song covers on SoundCloud. This is good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  since people search for these songs anyways.
    • Include your tracks in playlists with other similar music.
Other Things To Do with SoundCloud
    • You can use SoundCloud to embed your music into your website or blog.
    • You can give away free downloads via SoundCloud.
Followers/Plays: Activity Outside of SoundCloud
  • YouTube
    • Go to YouTube and search “(your genre) remix” in the search bar.
    • Filter results by upload date.
    • Now you have a list of active promotional channels on YouTube.
    • Check out the channels and contacts that your music would fit into.
    • Send them individual emails with a link to your SoundCloud of the track(s) you think they would feature. Address them by their first name and keep the email short and to the point.
  • Share your music from SoundCloud to Twitter, your Facebook Page, and Instagram. Ask your fans to share/tag a friend and offer a prize to your fans if you reach a certain number of shares/tags.
SoundCloud tips conclusion

No matter what happens to SoundCloud, you can apply many of these tips to other platforms. Do you think SoundCloud is going to disappear? Comment below.


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