Spotify Tips: How to Gain Subscribers and Plays on Spotify

Spotify Tips Intro

This guide will break down Spotify tips to grow your Spotify plays and subscribers. We start with where to include your link to your Spotify account and end with how to get your fans at your shows onto your Spotify. Let’s dive in!

Your Website

Use your website to let fans know you’re on Spotify. You can do this by embedding Spotify widgets onto your site. There are two different widgets available to you from Spotify. These include:

  • Embed the Spotify Follow Button on your website. Click here to learn how to embed the Spotify Follow Button onto your website.
  • Integrate a Spotify Play Button into your website. You can use this on a page on your website or in your blog. Click here to learn how to embed the Spotify Play Button onto your website.  
Social Media

You should look at social media as a way to build your fanbase and to engage with your fans. Leverage your fans on social media by bringing them over to your Spotify. Here are a few ways to get your fans from social media onto your Spotify:

  • Ask your fans (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Musically, YouTube) to follow you on Spotify.
  • Link to your Spotify in your social media bio’s/descriptions.
  • Run Facebook ads, Instagram Ads, or YouTube ads linking to your Spotify.
  • Let your fans know when you’re included in a playlist by promoting it on your social media.
  • Ask your fans to include you in playlists.

Your email list is another tool to bring your fans over to your Spotify.

  • Ask your fans via your newsletter to follow you on Spotify.
At Shows

Performing live is the best way to gain new fans and engage with old ones. When you’re on stage use it as an opportunity to start a relationship. In order to do that, the audience needs to be able to connect with you long after the concert.

  • Tell the audience to get out their phones and subscribe to your newsletter. You can also bring an iPad to have people sign up directly. To convince them to sign up, you can give them a free song download when they subscribe. Once they’re on your newsletter, you’ll be able to reach out to them time and time again. One of those times will be to let them know you’re on Spotify (as mentioned above).
On Spotify

You can also gain followers and plays directly through Spotify. Here are a few ways to leverage Spotify for your benefit:

  • Playlists! Getting on playlists is one of the fastest ways to grow your numbers. To get the attention of Spotify list curators you need to get your music into music blogs. There are some playlist curators that accept submissions for their playlists. Most of these submissions sites do charge you to submit and it doesn’t guarantee placement. You can check out 5 Spotify curators here
  • Encourage followers of your personal profile to also follow your artist discography page.
  • Keep putting out new music. Then ask your fans to follow you on Spotify when promoting your new content.
    • Create your own playlists and include other up and coming artists that are similar to you. They’re more likely to share your playlist than more well-known artists are. Share your playlist on social media and tag the other artists. This will bring it to their attention and make it easy for them to share it with their fans. Before you know it, their fans will be your fans too! Click here to learn how to create a playlist on Spotify.
    • Get verified! Being verified on Spotify gives you insights and some tools that are only available to verified artists. Click here to learn more about getting verified on Spotify. Click here to verify your Spotify account.
Spotify Tips Conclusion

In conclusion, combining some of these tips will be sure to grow your Spotify plays and followers.

Which tip gives you the best results? Let us know in the comments!

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