Spotify Valuation $16 Billion, Nearly $2.8 Billion Invested Into Music Last Week, Production Music is $1 Billion Global Industry


Spotify Valuation $16 BillionThe $16 Billion valuation is $3 Billion higher than June 2017, illustrating the explosive growth of music tech… And the rapid increase in valuations that we predict will continue for the foreseeable future!  We’re proud to say Spotify was the first partner to recognize the TuneGO vision.  Cheers… Here’s to $16 Billion and counting!  

Nearly $2.8 Billion Invested Into Music Last Week – Investors now recognize music-tech is the hottest market in the world!  We started TuneGO when the music industry was in it’s 18th year of decline.  Most people said “why are you starting a technology company for the music industry?”  Now they’re saying “Wow TuneGO is the future of the world’s hottest industry.”  … And to think this is just the beginning!  

Carlin America Sold for $250 Million to Round Hill Music – Historic independent publisher Carlin America to be sold to Round Hill Music for $250 Million.  This deal illustrates the value of independent music catalogues.  The TuneGO acquisition strategy is to acquire an invaluable music catalogue that commands a premium valuation… And we’re on our way!     

Production Music Is $1 Billion Global Industry – When it comes to the music industry, there are many ways to generate revenue.  One way is production music, which is a $1 Billion global music industry.  Production music is used for visual and marketing media.  This shows one of many ways music generates revenue, illustrating the tremendous value of music content!  

BROKEN RECORD: Streaming Continues to Power Music Industry’s Growth – Yeah, yeah streaming if the future of music we know this!  But we don’t always realize streaming will take the music industry to unprecedented heights. In the first half of 2017, retail revenues grew 17% year-over-year to $4 Billion.  Streaming growth validates the TuneGO vision of becoming the world’s leading supplier of talent, content and BIG DATA to the entertainment industry.    

ENCORE: SiriusXM Completes $480 Million Pandora Investment – In this week’s follow up ENCORE segment, SiriusXM completes its $480 Million investment into Pandora.  Interesting article, sign-of-the-times, check it out!    

Today’s Awesome Quote!  “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

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