The Goldman Era of Music

Goldman Sachs says Global Music Revenues will Reach $131 Billion by 2030  

Welcome to the digital revolution.  You are now entering the Golden Era of music.  

After 15 years of declining revenue, streaming is powering one of the greatest industry comebacks in history.

Global recorded music revenue grew 9.7% in 2018 to $19.1 Billion, the fourth consecutive year of growth.  The rate of growth for recorded music revenue has increased in each of the last 4 years – Not only is the market growing, it’s growing at a faster pace each year!  

As a sign of future growth, Millennials (the world’s largest generation) and Generation Z are spending more of their annual budgets on music than other age groups.  

Streaming music revenues are slated to reach $8.4 Billion in 2019 just in the U.S. 

Streaming grew 34% in 2018 and is driving revenue growth for the music industry, yet still only accounts for 47% of global recorded music revenue – There is still tremendous growth ahead!  

As mobile devices and high speed internet becomes ubiquitous, streaming growth will continue to propel global music revenue to record highs.  

In 2018, over 255 Million people paid for music subscription accounts.  Goldman Sachs says 1.15 Billion will pay for music streaming by 2030  

Music-tech companies are enjoying skyrocketing Unicorn valuations.  Spotify is valued at over $25 Billion. Many other companies are Unicorns.  Billions of dollars are being invested into the future of music annually. Record labels invest nearly $5 Billion annually into new music content.     

Amazon is the fastest growing music streaming service, growing 70% year-over-year reaching 32 million paid subscribers.  

Apple Music has surpassed 60 million paid subscribers, with 32 million paid subscribers in the U.S.

Spotify has already surpassed 100 million paid subscribers.  


The timing could not be better for TuneGO.  The music industry is experiencing record growth and music tech companies are consistently reaching Unicorn valuations.  

As the research clearly shows, the music industry is poised for significant growth for the foreseeable future.  The upside potential is tremendous.    

Why is this so important for TuneGO?  Because TuneGO is a platform that is foundational for the digital music industry.  

TuneGO was built specifically for the era of digital music.  

The TuneGO ecosystem is seamlessly integrated with the world’s largest streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Tidal, Deezer, plus many more.  The patented TuneGO Vault securely distributes music to streaming platforms, plus collects usage data and music royalties on a song-by-song basis.  

TuneGO’s patented technology is built to securely store digital content and metadata.  Content is the engine of the music industry. Metadata defines music rights and determines how music royalties are paid.  

In other words, TuneGO is foundational to the digital music economy.  

This is why TuneGO works with the largest music companies in the world, from streaming to licensing companies, music producers to record labels.  

Welcome to the Golden Era of Digital Music.   Welcome to the Goldman Era!  

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