Top 5 Places to Submit Your Music to Internet Radio

Why Radio?

If you’re not sure why you should submit your music to internet radio, check out our post from last week. It’ll also show you how to get your song ready for radio.

Where Should I Submit My Music?

No matter how good your music is, when you submit your music to internet radio, not all stations will play it. Some stations only play a certain genre and not every station accepts music from independent artists. These are 5 places that you can definitely submit your music to or use to find where to submit your music to.

1 – TUNEGO’s Exclusive Industry Portal

Our Exclusive Industry Portal is used by playlist curators, DJ’s, music labels and other music industry decision makers to discover new artists and music. You can get your music in our Exclusive Industry Portal simply by creating a free artist account on TUNEGO and uploading your music to your TUNEGO Profile.

Learn more about TUNEGO’s Exclusive Industry Portal. 

Login or create your TUNEGO Artist account to upload your music to our Exclusive Industry Portal.

2 – SubmitHub

At SubmitHub, you pay to have your song reviewed by bloggers, podcast curators, and labels. If the reviewer likes your song, then you have an opportunity to be included or featured on their blog or playlist.

Check out SubmitHub.

Read a more detailed review of SubmitHub. 

3 – Wikipedia

Good ole’ Wiki. Wikipedia has a list of internet radio stations. Unfortunately, the songs are not organized by genre, but you can use it to find places to submit to. Plus, it’s free.

Wikipedia’s list of internet radio stations.

4 – Indie Bible

Indie Bible is the holy grail of finding stations to submit to. They also have blogs you can submit to and places to perform live. Best of all, it’s organized by genre and only includes places that accept independent music. It does have a one time fee associated with it, but there are no re-occurring costs.

Check out the Indie Bible. 

Full discloser, we used the Indie Bible to try to get some of our artists onto other radio stations. While we submitted to approximately 500 stations, we, unfortunately, only heard back from 3. You might have better luck than we did, but it seems most of these stations are probably bombarded with music.

5 – The TUNEGO Radio Network

In addition to our Exclusive Industry Portal, we also have the opportunity to be on the TUNEGO Radio Network. Radio airplay on The TUNEGO Radio Network is a free opportunity that any artist on TUNEGO can unlock once they’ve earned enough TUNEGO Fuel.

Learn more about the TUNEGO Radio Network and other opportunities you can unlock on TUNEGO. 

Login or create your TUNEGO Artist account to start earning TUNEGO Fuel towards unlocking opportunities. 

5 Places to Submit Your Music to Internet Radio – COnclusion

In conclusion, even when a station is in your genre and they accept independent music, your music may still not be included in their rotation.  Use these tools and also make sure your song is ready for radio to increase your chances of radio airplay.

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