TuneGO® Inc. Announces New Song Review Service


We’re excited to announce our new song review service, the TuneGO Song Review.

TuneGO Song Reviews are available in three packages: GoldPlatinum and Diamond, and offer artists insight from up to 200 music fans, and options for assessments on where a song ranks in a music genre, its market potential and likelihood of chart success. During the month of March only, the Diamond song review, which includes a comparison to 100,000 major label releases in the song’s genre, comes with a free Muzen radio ($90 value), a retro radio and Bluetooth speaker that won the 2017 CES Innovation Award.

For a limited time, Song Review packages provide Bonus TuneGO Fuel, which an artist can use to unlock exclusive career-advancing opportunities such as: Virtual A&R Reviews, radio airplay submission, sync licensing opportunities, music reviews and one-on-one coaching from legendary music producers, influential A&R executives and even introductions to record labels. Artists have three Song Review packages to choose from:

Gold Rating Service – $19.99 – This package provides song reviews from 30 people, so artists can see how their song connects with a diverse group of music fans. In this package, artists can unlock a virtual A&R review with Bonus TuneGO Fuel.

Platinum Rating Service – $49.99 – This package includes Gold Rating service and provides song reviews from 75 people.  Artists will also learn where the song ranks in its music genre, and can use their Bonus TuneGO Fuel to unlock radio airplay and sync licensing opportunities to have the song featured in TV, movies, video games and more.

Diamond Rating Service – $139.99 – This package includes Gold and Platinum rating services and provides song reviews from 200 people. It also includes a comparison to 100,000 major label releases in the song’s genre to gain insight on the song’s market potential and the likelihood of chart success. If the song gets a high rating the artist can use their Bonus TuneGO Fuel to qualify to connect with legendary producers, A&R executives and record labels.

Visit www.tunego.com/reviews to purchase a TuneGO Song Review. Artists who are not a member of TuneGO register first at www.TuneGO.com to join.

Check out our press coverage in Yahoo Finance and Markets Insider!

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