TuneGO Launches DISTRO100 in China


We’re excited to announce the launch of DISTRO100 in China, a groundbreaking music distribution platform. The artist-friendly platform allows Chinese musicians to distribute their music on streaming platforms in China and around the world. TuneGO, which has an office in Shenzhen, China, provides content creators with a unique opportunity as DISTRO100 allows artists to retain their rights and keep 100% of the royalties with no up-front or back-end fees. For more information, log on to www.distro100.com.

“This is really a game changer for the music industry in China. DISTRO100 solidifies TuneGO’s commitment to being artist-friendly, providing a path that allows their voices to be heard,” said co-founder and CEO, John Kohl. “With access to streaming distribution services at absolutely no cost, we help take the business side of things out of the equation for artists, allowing them to focus on their music while remaining confident that they’re on the right path toward growing their careers.”

Check out our press coverage in Markets Insider.

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  1. GlennWilliams says:

    I need these services Asap

    1. TuneGO says:

      You can distribute your music for free too at DISTRO100.com!

  2. Musifish says:

    Looks like DISTRO100 is closed?

    1. Parrish Robertson says:

      DISTRO100 is not closed. DISTRO100 is now known as TuneGO. TuneGO’s focus is on helping artists protect their content and music rights, distribute their music to the music stores, and promote their music to various opportunities, such as sync licensing, playlist curators, music supervisors, and other industry opportunities. Essentially, our platform serves as a “label-in-a-box” for the independent community. We’re here to help artists maximize their potential and collect all of your royalties.

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