TuneGO® Inc. Launches Google Play App for Android Users

TuneGO Inc., a music platform that connects independent artists with the music industry and fans, announced today the launch of its Google Play app. The user-friendly mobile app provides artists with a wide array of music promotion tools and fans easy access to discover new music.  The Google Play app, which follows the Apple iOS app launch in September 2016, is available for android-users to download now. The TuneGO app provides a direct conduit for artists to unlock career-changing industry opportunities as well as makes it easier for artists and fans to connect and engage.

“TuneGO delivers tools to artists to help them advance their careers.  The path to success in the music industry is a long and winding road, but our platform offers an edge to artists to help them get discovered – both by fans as well as by the music industry as a whole,” said John Kohl, co-founder and CEO of TuneGO.

“The Google Play app provides Android users direct access to the TuneGO platform,” said Stacy Haitsuka, co-founder and CTO of TuneGO, and who previously co-founded NetZero. “The launch of this app, coupled with the Apple app, gives 99 percent of smart phone users worldwide the opportunity to connect with artists or fans on the go.”

Through the TuneGO app, artists can:

  • Showcase profiles to mobile users, which includes industry professionals and music fans
  • View and manage their TuneGO profiles from their mobile devices
  • Add new photos, upload new songs and videos, and add YouTube videos to their TuneGO profile
  • Promote upcoming live events and share latest news through push notifications
  • Identify new followers and communicate directly with followers via private messaging

Artists activity through the TuneGO app builds TuneGO Fuel, which can then be used to unlock a variety of industry opportunities. Fuel is built through song plays, new followers, fan engagement and similar, and can provide artists access to sync licensing contracts, playtime on the TuneGO radio network, music reviewed and feedback provided by some of the world’s most accomplished producers, and even the opportunity to record content with producers at a state-of-the-art studio at TuneGO headquarters in Las Vegas.

For fans, the TuneGO app allows them to:

  • Scroll through songs to discover new music
  • Add songs and video to their personal music playlist
  • Follow artists and stay up-to-date with their latest activities
  • Communicate directly with the artist they are following via private messaging
  • Receive recommendations for new music – the more a fan uses the app, the more the app can personalize music related to their tastes and preferences

“The TuneGO app gives artists the ability to create a ‘VIP experience’ for their fans.  With the direct line of communication, artists can share exclusive content and behind-the-scenes access with their fan base, further strengthening the artist-fan relationship while building their Fuel and unlocking more career-building opportunities,” said Kohl.  “App features will continue to expand to meet the needs of our artists, their fans and the music industry as a whole,” added Haitsuka.

The TuneGO app is available at Google Play and is free to download.

About TuneGO®
TuneGO® is a music platform that connects independent artists with legendary music producers, songwriters and promoters as well as consumers worldwide. Its interactive online community helps independent musicians and singers build their international fan base and grow as artists through personalized career development tools, community and industry feedback, and analytics of their music listening trends. For more information visit www.TuneGO.com, or contact TuneGO at info@TuneGO.com.

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