TuneGO Launches Exclusive Portal For Music Industry Decision Makers and Influencers


We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our exclusive portal to help the music industry discover the next superstar and hit single. The portal, which is available by invite only and is currently in use by a select group of TuneGO partners, allows record labels, music supervisors, talent agents and playlist curators to streamline and simplify the discovery of new talent and content while at the same time keeping track of artists and music on their existing roster.

“The music industry asked for a way to efficiently source new talent, curate new content and streamline the discovery process, and we delivered.  The portal aggregates a wide variety of data points and can be customized with an array of criteria for their unique needs,” said John Kohl, co-founder and CEO, TuneGO. “In the music industry today, it is difficult to know which new artists to back and which new content to push; our portal takes the guessing out of this equation as the data we collect helps to quantify a number of important factors that, in turn, can help music industry decision-makers to determine the next potential superstar or hit single.”

Check out our press coverage in Markets Insider.

For more information about TuneGO or the portal, visit www.TuneGO.com, or contact TuneGO at info@TuneGO.com.

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