TuneGO Vault versus Universal Vault

This is why the TuneGO Vault is so important to the music industry… 

The story is titled The Day the Music Burned.  

The occurrence is widely recognized as the largest disaster in the history of the music business.  

It is definitely the biggest music story in 2019.  When you read it, you should instantly and fully understand the substantial and monumental value of the TuneGO Vault.  

The bombshell from the NY Times reads like a suspense thriller…  Someday there will probably be a movie made about the infamous event… at least a highly publicized documentary on Netflix. 

The movie trailer will proclaim… “There was a disaster, a cover up, villians, victims, untold Billions in lost damages, and the Death of a Culture.” 

To say this story has rocked the music industry doesn’t provide justice to the full impact that will be felt forever.    

The story starts on June 1, 2008…  When a fire erupted at Universal Studios Hollywood.  The fire eventually reached a warehouse containing invaluable assets, including irreplaceable music masters.  

The Director of the facility was awakened that morning with a frantic telephone call “The vault is on fire!”

The Universal vault was the music industry equivalent to the warehouse that stored the Ark of the Covenant at the end of the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark.

This is The Day Music Burned…  And the rest is now history…  

Up to 500,000 song masters were destroyed in the fire.  

To fully understand the impact of losing a song master, you’ll need to read the story.  Losing a master is the music equivalent of losing original manuscripts of ancient text, or priceless artifacts that can never be replaced.  The value can not be understated.  

The Universal vault fire destroyed masters from legendary artists and departed icons, including Elton John, Ray Charles, the Eagles, Aerosmith, B.B. King, Barry White, Tupac Shakur, Gladys Knight, Al Green, Jimmy Buffett, and so many more… too many to count.  In total the fire destroyed masters from approximately 800 legendary artists.  

The fire even destroyed a master recording of one of the last speeches from civil rights icon Martin Luther King, Jr.  Let that resonate for a second.  

Since the story broke June 11, 2019, over $100 million in lawsuits have already been filed and many more are expected… It’s only been less than 1 month since the story broke.   

The story is so impactful Vivendi put the sale of UMG on Indefinite Pause as the Fire Crisis Worsens.    


Music is the universal language that touches our soul and inspires our spirit.  This is why music is so valuable. It transcends our differences, disputes and discrepancies…  Music unites, empowers and promotes humanity… Music is our collective culture.  

The Universal vault fire destroyed more than song masters.  It destroyed music, it destroyed history and therefore forever destroyed a piece of our culture.       

The music industry is now focused more than ever on the preservation of original creative work.  

For the past few decades the music industry has lagged the tech industry, which is why Big Tech is taking over the music industry.  The largest music stores are all technology platforms. Big Tech now controls music distribution and is now focused on taking over content.  Think Netflix.  

Finally the music industry is reacting.  The fire was a big spark towards finally taking music security seriously.  My sources at Warner and Sony, the world’s 2nd and 3rd largest music labels behind Universal, tell me the phone is ringing off the hook with artists demanding to know what is being done to protect their creative work!  

Change is inevitable.  We are in the middle of the transition from an analog to a digital music industry.  With all the noise about digital, streaming still represents less than 50% of music revenue.  There is still tremendous growth ahead for digital music! Goldman Sachs predicts the music industry will grow to $45 Billion by 2030, up from $19 Billion today.    

The Universal vault fire destroyed invaluable assets from the analog music industry.  Today we live in a digital music industry. As the bombshell New York Times article states, “some view digitization as a moral imperative.”    

TuneGO is the moral imperative!

The TuneGO Vault is the patented technology solution designed specifically to securely store and protect digital content – Including the content assets (audio files) and metadata!  

We have invested millions of dollars into developing the world’s most advanced, secure, fully-redundant cloud-based infrastructure for securing digital music assets and metadata.  

We own over 30 patent claims on TuneGO technology in the world’s largest music markets.  

TuneGO isn’t an old-fashioned warehouse that’s vulnerable to a single fire.  We’re talking about multiple data centers located across the global cloud, with cutting edge technology-grade protections built to withstand disasters.  

We’re talking full-blown redundant disaster recovery.  For example, if a data center goes down in San Francisco, TuneGO data is still safe in Virginia.  If Virginia goes down, TuneGO data is still secure in other global locations. TuneGO is asset protection for the modern digital world.  

The TuneGO Vault is patented technology for the new digital music world.  This is the difference between the old Universal vault and the new TuneGO Vault! 

This is why the TuneGO global ecosystem includes the world’s largest music companies.   

Out of the ashes of the biggest disaster in the history of the music industry a new industry standard will be ignited ???    

This is what I mean when I say TuneGO is the foundation of today’s (and tomorrow’s) digital music economy.  

For TuneGO, the future is bright.

And we’re just warming up!  

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