10 Things Your Twitter Needs – Twitter Basics for Musicians

Why Twitter?

Twitter is mainly used by people that are 18-29 years old. It’s the place people go to complain. So if your ideal fans are 18-29 years old and you want to be there when your fans are talking, then Twitter is for you.  Keep reading for the Twitter basics for Musicians.

1 – Your Profile

Your Twitter profile should represent you as an artist or band. Make sure everything on your profile looks right together and represents you or your band. When you look at your profile, think whether or not someone would want to follow you. Make your profile so someone would want to follow you. Make sure your profile is public so potential fans can find it.

2 – Your Bio

Your bio should give a fan an idea of who you are and why they should follow you or click on your link. Make it short and to the point.

3 – Your Profile Image

Your profile image should be clear, eye-catching, make sense for you, and be consistent with your other profile images.

4 – Poster Image

Your poster image should also be eye-catching, make sense for you, and be consistent with your other poster images.

5 – Pinned Tweet

You can pin one Tweet to the top of your profile at a time. So use this pinned Tweet wisely. For example, if you have a show coming up, you could use it to sell tickets to that show.

6 – Your Link

The link on your profile should link to your website so your Twitter is driving traffic to your website. It can link to an opt-in for your email list, a sales page, or your blog.

7 – Engage

Twitter is a social platform so you need to be social. Respond to mentions of you and join Twitter conversations.

8 – Use Analytics

You don’t need to guess what to post. Check out your analytics to see what your fans like the most. Continue posting what’s working, and stop posting what’s not.

9 – Tell People What You Want

Every one of your Tweets should include an action item for your followers. You can tell them to retweet you, buy your merch, buy your tickets, or leave a comment. Telling people directly what to do, increases the chances of them doing it.

10 – Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a way for new fans to discover you on Twitter. So use them in your Tweets. Try to use one to three hashtags per Tweet.

COnclusion – Twitter Basics FOr Musicians

Are you using Twitter to grow your fanbase? Leave a comment below with your favorite Twitter tips!

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