What to Post on Social Media


It can be difficult to think of new ideas of what to post on social media. Share your music and your personality. The point of social media is to show fans who you are. Sharing your songs every day gets old. Your fans want to feel like they know you. Check out this list if you need some inspiration for your next post!

  • Good press about you.
  • Your music, music videos, cover music, upcoming shows, or where fans can buy your music or merchandise.
  • Lyrics from your songs.
  • Your favorite quotes.
  • Photos of you performing or nice photos of you.
  • Your new album cover.
  • Your favorite places to hang out, where you practice or record your music, behind the scenes of your shows, or a photo of the crowd at your show.
  • Promo videos.
  • Encourage fans to record cover versions of your songs, then you can share them.
  • Promote your music with your playlists. Put your videos in playlists with others that have something in common.
  • Create interactive videos.  Fans can choose their own adventures by having the option to link to/between various other related videos that build a story with multiple outcomes.
  • Go live! Take song requests or do a Q&A with your fans.

Which of your posts gets the most likes on social media? Let us know in the comments!

PS – Have you Googled yourself?

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