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Most musicians have uploaded a couple of videos to a YouTube and have filled out their basic information. The following 15 tips will take your YouTube to the next level and you’re probably not doing the majority of them. YouTube for Musicians doesn’t have to be hard, let’s get into the 15 tips!

the 15 things your youtube channel is missing
  1. Link to something else. First of all, you want to use every video as an opportunity to make something else happen, so you always want to add a link to the top of the description field for each video. What you link to depends on the video. Link to where your show tickets are sold, your website or blog, a related video, or a freebie to get fans on your mailing list. 
  2. Make the first 15 seconds count. You need to catch people’s attention and give them a reason to keep watching your video. So grab people’s attention in the first 15 seconds, let them know what they can expect in the video, then introduce yourself. 
  3. Include a great thumbnail so viewers have a reason to watch your video in the first place. Also, include a descriptive title that people would likely search.
  4. Where are you? Make sure the viewer knows where they can hear your music, buy your songs, and sign up for your email newsletter.
  5. Add tags to your channel and videos so your videos can easily get discovered.
  6. Use annotation on your videos to link viewers to your related videos.
  7. Embed all your YouTube videos on your website or blog. As a result, you’ll get YouTube views even when people are on your website, and you can lead people to your website instead of YouTube so you can ask for their email. 
  8. Add lyrics to your songs. You can either include them in the video description or upload lyric videos. 
  9. Offer a discount code at the end of a video. As a result, they have a reason to buy from you and they’re rewarded for watching the entire video.
  10. Ask viewers to like and subscribe to your YouTube channel.
  11. Add commentary to your own music videos. You can also encourage viewers to do the same.
  12. Use ad share revenue on YouTube videos via sync licensing. (CD baby does this) YouTube pays you per view.
  13. Hold a contest where fans use your music in a video on YouTube. Your fans can make their own video or a slideshow. Offer prizes to the winner. Prizes could include your CD, tickets, or a personal song. Make a YouTube Playlist of all the entries. Also, if you’re using ad share revenue, you can earn money from these videos.
  14. Use playlists to organize your videos. As a result, people are more likely to keep watching your videos.
  15. Link your YouTube to your TuneGO Account so you earn TuneGO SCORE for your activity on YouTube.
Bonus tip – song covers on youtube

Since 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day and it’s the second largest search engine in the world, cover songs are a great bet for you. Why? Because people are searching song titles that they’ve heard of. So if you pop up in that search, it’s an opportunity to gain a fan. There are legal considerations you need to know before you upload a cover song to YouTube though, learn everything you need to know here.


How many of these things are missing from your YouTube? Comment below!

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